Welcome to the Passengers Club

The Passengers Club is a members only club for Big Big Train fans.

Go backstage with the band, where you’ll find unreleased songs, demos, soundcheck video and audio, rehearsal footage, photo galleries, exclusive blog posts, artwork and images and Facebook Q and A’s. Think of it as a time machine where we’ll go backwards and forwards, adding unreleased content from every stage of the band’s career.

We’ll be adding at least unreleased audio material along with many hours of video, never before seen photos and much more.

Updated fortnightly with new content

What you'll get:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Passengers Club is a members only club where you can access unreleased Big Big Train material. 

You can expect a wealth of unreleased material in the form of audio content (demos of album tracks, unreleased tracks and live material), videos (backstage, rehearsal footage, travelogue videos, soundcheck), image galleries and written material (notes on songs, blogs, travelogues, various musings). There will also be Facebook Q and A’s, and competitions.

We will update the Passengers Club every fortnight for at least two years and probably a lot longer. Launch material  includes 4 videos, 2 audio tracks, 2 articles and 3 image galleries. 

You can subscribe for one year for £30.00 or two years for £50.00.

You may also become a Big Big Train Patron for a minimum payment of £250.00

Yes, everything we add to the Passengers Club will remain in the club. Think of it as a box set that grows over time.

We are offering fans the opportunity to become a Big Big Train patron.  This is for fans who would like to help the band beyond the Passengers Club subscriptions.

Becoming a patron gives you lifetime membership of the Passengers Club and status as a patron of the band.

The cost is a one-off charge of £200.00, although you may pay more if you wish. As ever, this will go towards the band’s continued touring and recording efforts.

Please Note:

Once your payment is received, we will process your Passengers Club membership manually, so it may take a few hours for you to receive your login and password.

No, all subscriptions are one time payments and do not automatically renew. You will be sent an email toward the end of your subscription reminding you that you are reaching the end of your subscription. You can either choose to renew it by paying a subscription or let it lapse.

You can cancel your subscription by emailing stationmaster@the passengersclub.com

Since subscriptions are non-recurring you cannot cancel via the account page.

Once cancelled, you will have access to the Passengers Club until your membership lapses.

Yes, we have one main rule. Please do not share anything you may view or download from the Passengers Club with non-members. Please don’t post any content on social media (but do feel free to talk about what you have seen or heard as it helps to spread the word). Your Passengers Club membership is non-transferable. The full terms and conditions of membership of the Passengers Club are HERE.

Yes, you can. We offer streams of the audio content and download links for each item. Generally this will be in MP3 or wav format since most audio is in demo form. To download the audio track, click the download arrow on the right of the file.

Please email stationmaster@thepassengersclub.com with any questions. We aim to get back to you within 12 hours. 

For a number of reasons. The music industry model is constantly changing and putting bands like Big Big Train under considerable financial pressure. We decided to implement the Passengers Club to relieve some of the financial strain and offer passionate fans the opportunity to get deeper into the world of BBT and do it to highest standard possible.

The proceeds from the Passengers Club will go towards recording and touring Big Big Train in the coming years. We also wanted to give passengers an insight into the creative process of writing and producing albums and preparing for tours.

The Passengers Club is run by Big Big Train Productions Ltd.

Once your subscription has lapsed, you will no longer have access to the Passengers Club. You can of course renew your subscription. You also have the ability to download the audio files from the site during your membership period.